From a simple bearing cup removal tool to an elaborate brake assembly fixture, Inspection Technologies can supply or manufacture a quality proven & affordable solution to aircraft wheel & brake tooling needs.

To carry out quality, efficient and consistent aircraft wheel and brake repair & overhaul, access to the right specialist tooling is not just an advantage, but in terms of aviation industry compliance, an absolute necessity. Inspection Technologies has an established range of special-to-type aircraft wheel and brake tooling to enable service of a wide variety of products from:

  • Goodrich
  • Honeywell
  • Meggitt (formerly ABSC & Dunlop)
  • Messier-Bugatti-Dowty

Precision items such as bearing cup removals/installers, bushing tooling, measuring and go/no-go gauges, pressure testing features or hydraulic assembly tooling can be manufactured and supplied to suit your exact requirements. All items are conceived, designed, manufactured and tested to comply with OEM requirements, by our specialist team who are highly experienced in aircraft wheel and brake repair and overhaul.



If you need a tyre bead breaker, hydraulic test stand or a bespoke NDT Inspection System, choose the specialist knowledge of inspection technologies to supply the right aircraft wheel & brake equipment for your workshop.

Large, heavy commercial aircraft wheels and brakes need large and heavy specialist equipment to service them; it’s that simple! At Inspection Technologies can advise and supply the equipment you need for your aircraft wheel and brake shop. Additionally, we have in stock ready to ship a selection of critical equipment for short-term lease to minimise disruption to your production in the event of failure.

As well as heavy servicing equipment, today’s modern aircraft wheels and brakes also require increasingly intricate equipment to ensure their serviceability. Inspection Technologies’ range of precision servicing and inspection equipment, such as our bespoke ultrasonic NDT hub inspection kits, are available to meet or exceed OEM requirements and increase workshop efficiency.



Need guidance and assistance in establishing an aircraft wheel & brake repair & overhaul facility? The experienced team at Inspection Technologies together with their sister company, World Aero are standing by.

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